What is a poly dacron rope?

It is difficult to determine when people create ropes because of too little evidence, except in wetlands, where acid rain has kept them from rotting. However, some earlier paintings show that they were used some 30,000 years ago. From the Middle Ages to the present, people use ropes to hang things, carry goods, tie objects and animals. Today, with the development of science and technology, people have created new kinds of rope with excellent quality and durability.


Poly Dacron rope (Combination Rope) is a unique product that we mention in this article. Because the Polypropylene ropes have weaknesses of being vulnerable to heat and ultraviolet rays, there are many cases of using polydacron rope for substitution of Polypropylene ropes. It has the excellent working characteristics. So, What is Poly Dacron rope? Let's go together with Asia Dragon to find out what is it.

What is Poly Dacron Rope?

Poly Dacron rope is made from Polypropylene and Polyester combined. It's also called combination rope. Fibers are twisted into strands and then the strands are braided into a variety type of rope. Poly Dacron rope is easy to handle because it is flexible, it has high fracture resistance, it doesn’t get lowered or doesn’t become ripened even when it is wet. It is lighter than 100% polyester rope, and same level as 100% polyester rope in heat resistance, abrasion resistance, and ultraviolet rays.

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Uses of Poly Dacron Rope

With the advantage of high fracture resistance, durability, Poly Dacron ropes are often used in situations where they need strong, durable rope that can withstand intense impact with high intensity or can be used in extreme conditions. Poly Dacron rope is popular for a wide variety of marine uses including general boating, commercial fishing, mooring and tow lines.

Mooring Line

A mooring in oceanography is a collection of equipment, connected to a line, and anchored on the seafloor. Poly Dacron rope is an excellent choice for mooring line, mooring warps and mooring risers because of high strength. In addition, Poly Dacron rope is not susceptible affected to external environmental factors such as salt water and UV.

Special fish traps

For fishing, Fishermen used fish traps. A typical modern fish trap consists of a thick steel wire frame, with long netting around it. The net wrapped around the frame and then tapers the inside of the trap. Poly Dacron ropes are commonly used for fishing traps at sea.

Workout ropes

Ropes aren't just for sailing, fishing and mooring. Battle ropes (or Work-out rope) are a must-have tool for anyone looking to pack on lean mass. Battle ropes can provide a high-intensity, whole-body workout that gets your muscles moving in new ways. Poly Dacron rope is a kind of rope suitable for making work-out ropes.

Climbing ropes

Today, a small group of young people are interested in climbing the mountain. Mountain climbing ropes are an indispensable protection tool for your mountaineering trips. In addition, Rope material is very important. Poly Dacron rope is a material that is used by the manufacturers of climbing ropes for their durability.

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Roofing and Construction

Poly dacron rope is strong and lightweight. It is often used to secure tarpaulins that cover and protect objects or structures on building sites, roofing, farm yards and delivery vehicles.

Hence, Poly Dacron ropes are light weight, yet they produce the highest strength and greatest durability. Asia Dragon is leading rope manufacturer in Vietnam and distributor of Poly Dacron rope with high quality at competitive prices. Poly Dacron rope produced by Asia Dragon Cordag has been widely used in countries with advanced agriculture such as USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Brazil, etc. Asia Dragon. Poly Dacron rope is a good choice for you.