Vision - Mission - Core Value


To be in Top 10 global baler twine manufacturers with excellent quality of product and service, bringing high value to partners, users, employees and society.


Stabilize quality standards, keep studying and innovating to increase qualities creatively.

Core Value


    • Beauty:

ADC always head to a perfect beauty both outside and inside i.e. beautiful products with best quality; beautiful people with intelligence, knowledge, good manners, responsibility and discipline. Our beautiful people always respect partners, customers and colleagues. We also create a wonderful working environment and care for it everyday.

    • Strength:

We give prominence to team strength built from personal strength thank to our highest determined, proactive, positive thought and definitive action. Each member of ADC family understands well that “together we can change the world” and individual excellence contributes to an everlasting Asia Dragon Cord and Twine brand.   

    • Richness

ADC commit not only to bring prosperity to the partner, customer but also bring ADC’s profit and mercy to share for each member of ADC, for those who are in difficulties, starving or disabilities with an expectation to give them motivation and belief and to build up a better life.