Nylon Braided Rope

Nylon braided rope is made of synthetic materials. The bobbins of yarn are all set up on couples of moving pendants on a braiding machine. Each pendant travels in an oscillating pattern, weaving the yarn into a tight braid.

Nylon is a tough, lightweight and elastic artificial polymer. Nylon fibers are famous materials used in many industry.

Asia Dragon is the leading rope manufacturer in VietNam and Asia. We provide the best quality nylon braided rope to all the customers.

Features of nylon braided rope:

- Dia: 6mm to 28mm

- Customize length and color

- Available in 8 carriers, 16 carriers and 24 carriers

- Moderate elongation, high strength, and abrasion resistance, easy to splice

- Resist mildew, rot and most chemicals, UV stabilized

- Applications involving general marine, industrial, commercial, and general use


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Nylon Braided Rope

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