Ms. Nguyen Thi Viet Hoa Founder and Chairman

In 1999, Ms. Nguyen Thi Viet Hoa worked for a Malaysian net & rope manufacture. She played an important role in helping the company enlarge their production and market. The company had a stable growth period both locally & internationally with Ms. Nguyen’s contribution.

When studying the international market, she got a strong support from an American partner to open the Baler Twine factory with a global vision. From that strategy, all machines are imported with global standard. Besides, the company also produced all kinds of ropes from synthetic material.

She named the company “Asia Dragon” with a desire leading the company as an Asia Dragon to reach out the world with the excellent quality of products and service. In 2006, Asia Dragon Cord & Twine Co., Ltd (ADC) was established with a team of enthusiastic pioneers.  At that time, ADC was the only company in Viet Nam to set up a goal to be in top 10 agricultural twine manufacturers in the world and ADC has affirmed the position in the world map nowadays.    

Beauty – Strength – Richness, core values, which Ms. Nguyen set for her company are always a united guideline for ADC team to meet all demands of clients and partners.

Moreover, those values not only help to enrich the material and spiritual lives of ADC team but also for community and society especially unlucky lives.