Banana Twine

Banana twine is used to help stabilise the banana tree against toppling by rainfall and cyclonic storms or bunch weight. When the fruit is on the tree it is at its heaviest. If the ground becomes soft due to rainfall the tree will tip and uproot. Hence, the tree is staked down to avoid this. The different colours of twine signify the different stages of growth / fruiting cycle for the tree. E.g. If part of the plantation is more advanced than other trees they use a certain colour

Asia Dragon Banana Twine are produced in different thickeness for different banana kinds. Our twines are available in blue, yellow, red, black, white, orange, green and purple. Each tube containes 2000 meters and is wrapped individual in PE heat shrink. Two tubes are strapped in a pack.  Twine is drawn from the center for easy tangle-free despensing.


  • It is soft to avoid hurting tree, UV resistance and reusable. 
  • It is made of 100% original polypropylene.
  • It is fibrillated
  • High strength
Banana Twine
TEX DENIER (ft) (m) (lbs) (kgs) (lbs) (kgs)
2000 18000 6562          2,000           9.00             4.00       178.41       81.00 96            3,840
2750 24750 6562          2,000         12.00             5.50       245.32     111.38 80            3,200
3000 27000 6562          2,000         13.00             6.00       267.62     121.50 80            3,200

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