Renowned baler twine manufacturers around the world

In the past few years, the burning of rice straw has become less and less popular after the harvest, causing positive impacts on the environment and health of the people. Environmental pollution caused by burning straw outdoors. The burning of straw not only wastes raw materials but also pollutes the environment, affecting and causing traffic disruption. According to medical doctors, smokes and dust when burning straw not only pollute the air but also cause significant harm to human health. Children, the elderly, and people with respiratory illness or chronic illness are the most vulnerable object.

So what type of string that is best suited to tie straw and large hay to collect after harvesting? That's the Baler Twine. In this article, we will point out some renowned baler twine manufacturers around the world


Asia Dragon Cord & Twine

For more than 10 years producing and selling twines to all over Vietnam and other regions in the world, Asia Dragon is now a leading company in cord and twine industry in VietNam. Our products, which are mainly yarn, twine and rope, are made from high quality artificial materials such as nylon, polypropylene, polyester.

Asia Dragon - one of the leading baler twine manufacturers

Ever since 2006, after investing in an agriculture twine production line, we are proud to be the first company in Vietnam which manufacture high quality baler twine. High quality baler twine is produced by Asia Dragon Cordage with 100% PP plastic. The product is produced on the modern technology to bring to customers a perfect product line with high durability, anti UV, rich colors, especially durable with time and tolerance. extreme weather, anti-decay, dissolve for a long time. Baler twine produced by Asia Dragon Cord has been widely used in countries with advanced agriculture such as USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Brazil, etc.


Cordex Agri

Cordex incorporated originally in Portugal on October 11, 1969. At first, the main productions of this manufacturer were cotton packing twines, agriculture sisal twine and synthetic ropes. During the 1980s Cordex began a total overhaul in the modernization of the factory. Changes were made to the entire infrastructure and organization of the company and the manufacturers of synthetic baler twine for agricultural began in earnest. With a focus on reinvestment and continual modernization the production of flexible foam began as well.


Cordex Agri - biggest Portugal baler twine manufacturer


With solid groundwork in place, the 90's started with strong potential growth of the company. Cordex expanded its product line on industrial rope applications and started manufacturing multi-filaments using two state of the art advanced lines. High tenacity Poly-Steel was produced which led to the production of high tech yarns used in the telecommunications industry, a significant aspect of Cordex with the internet fast becoming such an important tool. Nowadays, the main products of Codex are baler twine, bale netwrap and silagefilm. Codex is no doubt one of the biggest baler twine manufacturers in Europe.



Tama is a rope and twine producer that was founded over 60 years ago in Israel. Tama has over 40 years’ experience in the manufacture of cordage, square baler twines, trellis and support horticultural twines, ropes combined with its agricultural orientation and close contact with customers, has made Tama one of Israel’s leading companies in this industry.

Tama - one of the biggest baler twine manufacturers of Israel


Since extending the baler twine manufacturing activities to many countries in Europe, new higher-specification baler twines have been developed and launched that raised the bar for quality and performance. Tama’s main area of specialization is packaging and protective products for agriculture.

Tama is focused mainly on bale netwrap for hay, straw and silage, an area in which it has led the market for the last 25 years. The popular products of Tama that is used widely in domestic and foreign market are bale netwraps, baler twines, pallet nets