Polypropylene rope is the most popular rope for all purposes. It is the lightest and most economical synthetic rope that is affordable and functional. The tensile strength is great with approximately twice the tensile strength of Manila.

Polypropylene rope will not rot or mildew, is resistant to most chemicals and acids, floats in salt and fresh water, and can be stored wet. PP rope can be used as fishing rope, industrial rope or construction rope. We can use them in aquaculture and agriculture also such as salmon growing. People also use PP rope in water sports or markers its rot resistance and floatation characteristics.

We can provide difference color upon the customer request. The popular color is Blue, Yellow, White but we can produce Ice blue and other customized color also. Especially, our Tan rope have the same look with Manila with a longer service life. Beside our color combo Orange & Black PP mono rope know as California truck rope are working well in USA. We also offer a very easy splice Hollow Braid construction.

Diversity of diameter is also our advantage. We can provide you smallest rope at 3mm dia to 50m dia. Feel free to contact us if you need mini coil or cut length for your convenience.

With 100% virgin resin and high technology from Europe, Asia Dragon can provide the best quality PP rope with a considerable price.