Pull tape is widely used in the world. Any network or electrical installer recognizes a lightweight cable pull tape as a useful tool for cabling and wiring on the network or electrical project. Moreover, it is used in many different ways for various purposes. Here are 3 common ways to use cable mule tape that you can refer, and lets put this useful tape on your toolbox used in the construction industry.

With special features such as low stretch, high strength, and high quality, how to use cable pull tape in the best way to get the job done?

First, using cable pull tape for pulling the cable underground.

Cable pull tape is mainly used in cable installation.

It is the common tool to route wiring through electrical conduit or wall because it is made to tensile specification to prevent breaks for the pulling purpose. Network installers can easily blow pull tape through conduits or ducts.

Moreover, you can also use it to pull long distances of electrical wires, phone wires, and other lines underground.

Typically, pull tape is used to help the fiber avoid friction damage during installation. Specifically, when installing fiber optic cable, the heavy cable is pulled under high tension elongates and either breaks or snaps back.

Using cable pull tape to install cable protects not only expensive cables from cutting or burn but also network or electrical installers from injury.

Therefore, lets pack the cable pull tape for cable installation to get your job done so much easier.

Secondly, cable pulls tape working well as measuring tape.

If you want to know where the cable is during pulling, how many feet are left on the partial roll, you can have cable pull tape done.

Specifically, thanks to being capable of marking meters, it can help workers determine the accurate location of the cable during the pulling process. This helps workers not to use a measuring tape. At the same time, you will easily determine the remaining amount of tape.

Using pull tape is the most economical way to help you complete your work.

Thirdly, using cable pull tape as a low-profile tie-down rope.

Tie-downs are important tools to secure some delicate cargo. If you have a large volume of goods need transporting, specialized cargo tie-downs are dedicated tools you need to find.

However, if you only need to move smaller and more fragile loads or crafting projects, using cable pull tape is an economical and useful tool to meet these needs.

Thanks to its amazing high-strength, low-stretch, and low-friction design, it will help you protect goods safely during shipping.

In short, cable pull tape can be applied to various types of cable installation and measurement tasks, cargo tie-downs, and more. This type of tape has a good price and useful tool for your use needs in the construction industry.